Panaron provides value added engineering and total engineering solutions under the concept of Customer Partnership for Plant Betterment. Panaron places importance on customer satisfaction and focuses on providing engineering solutions with technical support, installation, testing & commissioning. Panaron engages and develop local contractors in the plant betterment activities.

Major Projects undertaken are in the following industries:

  1. Power Plants
  2. Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
  3. Oil and Gas Industries
  4. Fertilizer Plants
  5. Pulp & Paper Industries
  6. General Industries

Some of the projects since 2007 for Plant Betterment are:

  • Bintulu : MLNG Combustion Control Major Upgrade
  • Kapar Energy Ventures : Shutdown Maintenance
  • TNB Manjung : Shutdown Maintenance
  • TNB Paka : Valve Refurbishment
  • Kuantan : MTBE/PDH Gas Alarm Monitoring System
  • Vietnam : Thu Duc Power Plant, Combustion Control Revamp
  • Brunei : Brunei LNG, Combustion Control Major Upgrade
  • Indonesia : PLN Revamp of Combustion Control Upgrade for 7 x Power Plants